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Avionics Standardization Initiatives

Internationally recognized open architecture experts directly involved in the stand-up of the highly successful Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium.  The current lead of Data Architecture Working Group and multiple subcommittees and leads tri-service and international open architecture collaboration efforts.  Well-versed in all major open architecture efforts and developed requirements and objectives for new hardware standard and functional decomposition process for Hardware Open Systems Technology (HOST) and Joint Common Architecture (JCA).


Advanced Teaming Technology

Army Aviation is at a major transition point in developing advanced aviation technology and mission capabilities using affordable, life cycle managed processes and architectures needed to support new mission requirements in the complex battlespace of the next war. 
CRL provides systems engineering and modeling and simulation support for the Technology Development Directorate (TDD) Advanced Teaming Science and Technology (S&T) program.  Our experts support the development of an improved understanding of autonomous operations in a contested battlespace using teaming and advanced technologies to create overmatching capabilities for combined arms aviation missions.  Both manned and unmanned systems play a critical role in this new, complex environment that leverages architecture and technology to enable rapid solution integration at lower cost and risk.


US Army Support Services

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